Global Internet Marketing

Global Internet Marketing
Putting Global Internet Marketing To Work For Your Business

Nobody has to tell you that the internet is different when it comes to advertising. You just can’t blurt out your message to the masses, hoping it will get them to take action.  The internet is an interactive, two-way, give-and-take street where companies promote, customers offer feedback and a more refined message develops.  Case in point — just look at how Domino’s Pizza recently changed their entire marketing focus based on this kind of communication.  They started out by playing off the unfortunate fact that their pizza crust tasted like cardboard and their sauce like ketchup – but now, after listening to their customers and refining their recipe, Domino’s is out to capture the taste buds of the “hold outs” who swore they’d never eat another piece of that pizza again.

Global Internet Marketing Broadcasts Your Message On A Larger Scale

Being dynamic in response to customer requests is the key to getting the kind of global attention your business deserves.  By integrating the kind of flexibility and adaptability into your business plan that allows you the freedom to change direction and focus based on customer input, you show that your company anticipates customer needs and answers them at “internet speed”. And with that internet speed comes greater demand for products and services to be delivered immediately.

Traditionally, if you wanted to buy a product you heard about on TV, you’d have to go to the store, see if they even have it in stock, compare prices and perhaps ask other people what they think of it.  Online, this process is massively shortened and many of these same things can be done all from one site.  This kind of immediacy shortens the customer’s response time and often elicits some form of action – whether it’s requesting more information, trying a sample or simply signing up for a newsletter.

Working Within Your Sales Funnel

Once these customers are in your “sales funnel”, the opportunities are limitless as to what you can do with that kind of information.  And because you’re involved in global internet marketing, all of these things can happen outside of regular business hours.  In fact, many people who choose Geo Trade as their global marketing consulting partner remark about how easy it is to have a website that works tirelessly for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And that’s not all.  Because most online customers choose to take some form of action when on a website, you’ve effectively shortened their time to making a buying decision, meaning your advertising dollars go further, you don’t have to constantly bombard them with messages and sales pitches, and you get a solid return on investment.

Because global internet marketing involves many sales channels and venues, there is no “one size fits all” plan to suit every business.  If you’re interested in learning more about what our online marketing program can do for you, we invite you to click the link below for a free, no obligation consultation.  Plus, because you’re only paying monthly fees, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of proven marketing technology as it becomes available.

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