19 Jun 2010

What Building A Global Brand Means To Us

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Ok, so with the new launch of our Global Marketing site, Geo Trade now has a platform to communicate our message about making sales online.  While building our brand of disposable medical supplies, using the web as our only method of reaching customers, we learned a lot about the internet and the many ways it can be used to leverage revenue for virtually EVERY COMPANY ON THE PLANET!

Unfortunately, we are unable to service every company on the planet despite our highest ambitions.  However, we feel the entrepreneurial world has a duty to help others who are reaching for the dreams of starting their own  web-business.

Over the coming months we will demonstrate how to build a Global Brand from the ground up using our own online business models.  Perhaps this might inspire you to try your own project?  We hope so!

Watching others build their dreams online is what we love to do more than anything, and as long as you can do it on your own, we don’t have to charge you!

Now Lets Get Down To Business

For companies who are sick and tired of trusting other website firms to deliver the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow“, paying too much money for clicks of traffic, advertising your brand using “meat market” directory sites (where you are listed right next to your competitors), or cant seem to find the right formula to make social media promote your business, then we are your GLOBAL MARKETING SOLUTION!

Looking forward to building our brands as well as yours!

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