About Us

Geo Trade Ltd is a Global Marketing and Enterprise Company founded in 2005.  After starting an online medical supply company, we quickly learned the value of building a brand through a variety of media channels. The goal is to provide these same services to companies who are serious about succeeding online. Our methods of internet marketing include a holistic approach to increase your bottom line, instead of merely attempting to get you found by your customers.

There is no single proverbial “silver bullet” which accomplishes the objective, but rather an entire barrage of methods and techniques designed to keep your presence at the top of major search engines.  These are things that should be done every single month regardless of your current placement. Even if you are already at the very top. . . without maintenance, constant updating, and adding relevant content, a competitor could surely utilize these tactics to gain grounds on you.

It’s not just about getting ahead, it’s about staying ahead!  A brand is never truly “finished”.  It’s an ongoing project which requires constant development, analysis, and refinement.  Focusing on what works, and learning from what didn’t is an ongoing marketing battle for companies around the world.

Mission Statement:

“Through constant research and development, Geo Trade Global Marketing takes a fanatical approach to locating and liquidating profitable online niche’s relevant to the business scope of its customers.”