02 Jul 2010

Geo Trade Global Marketing Launches New International Marketing and Online Branding Business

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Geo Trade Limited, an online leader in Global Marketing, is pleased to announce its first group of foreign customers out of Shanghai, China.

The company was founded in May of 2005 by Joe Giovinco, and began it’s internet marketing adventures a few months later.

Geo Trade Ltd built its first online enterprise distributing disposable medical supplies at wholesale prices using the manufacturer-direct online business model.  Giovinco founded a profitable and well-respected company, but as he did so he learned first-hand how frustrating and expensive online marketing can be, so he began giving free advice to friends and followers who wanted to emulate his online marketing success.

While helping to develop other online niches outside of the medical industry, Geo Trade Global Marketing began providing advice commercially to other companies seeking to achieve online marketing objectives.
Giovinco has especially strong ties with China after living in Shanghai and working there as an English teacher at a private university in 2004.

As business around the world becomes more and more internet-based, Chinese companies are presented with an onslaught of challenges to gain exposure in the international online marketplace.

“Language barriers, inefficient access to the web, and slower hosting speeds make brand exposure on the net extremely difficult for businesses in China”, Giovinco explained.

“Many of these businesses, not realizing that there are better options, end up advertising on expensive, low-return “meat market” juggernaut sites like Alibaba, Made-In-China, Global Sources, and Global Market  where they are listed right next to their competitors.” according to Giovinco.

“With the price paid to list a manufacturer inside multiple portals like Alibaba and Global Sources, they could instead have their own attractive, well-designed website in perfect English listed at the top of major search engines along with a powerful social media and PR presence. . . These are things which are proven to produce results!”

With the web reaching all corners of the world, and an ever growing population with access to it, the future of International business is going online fast.  Is Geo Trade Global Marketing the next solution to finding customers abroad?

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